Tips for Decorating a Small Living Room

The living room is a place where you should be able to show off your style, while also serving as a relaxing spot to enjoy after a long, hard day.

Here are some ways to efficiently style your living room, making the space appear larger and more uniquely yours.

Use Lighter Curtains and Shades

Beige shades and curtains work well with many types of walls, giving people the impression that the space is slightly larger than it actually is. It can also brighten occupants’ moods.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Crazy with the Floor

Bolder is better when it comes to floor decor.

Whether you want to add a bright blue rug or something a bit more neutral, this can also make the room feel bigger while adding some flavor that makes the space stand out.

bold floor rug

Large rugs are ideal because they don’t normally break up the floor as much.

Add Some Ottomans

Ottomans are also excellent additions for coffee tables to help maximize versatility. You can also cover them with trays used to hold anything from flowers to books for added decor, or simply use them as additional seating.

Select Seating with Ample Storage

Want to further open up your available floor space? Consider getting seating with internal storage space that can conceal anything.

storage couch

Multipurpose furniture is always a great investment if you want to make the most of your available space.

Use Multiple Tables as a Single Coffee Table

If you want to free up even more space, you can use two or more smaller tables to create a singular coffee table.

This can also give your coffee table a unique look that helps the living room stand out even more.

Install a Chandelier

Even if the ceiling isn’t particularly high, you can always add a chandelier to help make the room look larger and match existing home lighting fixtures.

A chandelier can even serve as the centerpiece to your living room’s decor if you choose a more prominent design.

High-Hanging Curtains

Along with a chandelier, curtains that hang high can also give the impression that the room is higher than it actually is.

These curtains don’t need to be strictly limited to floor-to-ceiling windows. Instead, go crazy and use them with small to medium-sized windows.

You can also place a TV and other entertainment equipment between the curtains to downplay the curtains to a slight degree.

Organize Lighting Accordingly

One of the best ways to make the room appear even more spacious is to install lamps attached to the walls or hung from the ceiling. Wall lamps are also great if you want to save space on side tables.

Keeping each of these elements in mind, you can open up your living space and design a room that leaves all guests and family impressed with every visit.

You’ll also create a space that you can truly call yours, as a great space to hang out and unwind when you come home at the end of the day.

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